Annie-Mae Day 6

Charcoal on Wallis

Annie-Mae...my beautiful porcelain skinned grand daughter.  All little children are difficult to draw because their values are more subtle...Annie is especially difficult because of her creamy complexion and very soft features.  I started in pastel and trashed it...deciding to concentrate on the drawing more, and went to charcoal.
I spent a lot of time with Annie in July.  She went up to Great Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house in Idaho with me, along with her little cousin Sydney and her brother Porter and their moms!(Thank Heavens...did my kids have this much energy)  One morning I got up early to get a walk/run in before the day started and Annie met me at the door as I was trying to sneak out. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she asked if she could go with me.  I promised her that if she got dressed and had breakfast, I would be back really soon and take her to the slides at the playground.  It didn't take me long to exhaust myself and as I came up to my parent's door, there was Annie peeking through the window, waiting for me.  Life doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Wow what a great painting! Don't you love being a Gramma? :)

  2. Love this charcoal drawing. You really capture her spirit. Being a Grand parent is the best!!

  3. Thank you Maria! I do love being a grandma!

  4. This is a stunning drawing Alice! Ethereally beautiful and skillfully done.

  5. Thanks Wendy. This challenge is crazy...somedays you feel great about what you paint....and then you post something the next day and want to hide. Nothing's better than painting a loved one when all of a sudden...there they are and you caught them....Annie was like that for me. Good luck with the rest of the month.


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