Sydney and her doll
Oil on Canvas
I'm finally painting again after struggling with a very sore elbow.  It's still sore but having some better days.   After seeing three doctors, and not painting for a few months....I'm going through Physical Therapy and doing a lot of icing.  Hopefully it will come around.  There are other options, but ones, I'd rather skip :)

This is one of  my grand daughters.  I love painting the kids because for one they are beautiful, and I know them well enough to know if I've captured their sweet little souls.  This is a quiet moment for Sydney, like her mother, she is a busy little girl and I'm sure Jessica took many takes to get her still for a moment.

I'm starting to go to life drawing sessions again....slowly, and will take up more oil lessons in April...but first I've decided to create some extensive oil color charts for my brain.  Unlike pastels, you have to mix what you want in oil and I need to find that out for myself.  I'll post them as I go.  I'm sure it will be a very meticulous messy process!

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