1st oil Still life in 32 years

Oil on Canvas

The last time I painted a still life in oils was at BYU in 1983.  It was an "Oil Painting For Non Majors" class and I failed it.  It was the only class I've ever had less than a "B" in at BYU or at Kent State's nursing school...I failed it because I just stopped going.  I was pregnant with my second child. (Christiane)  Michael was applying for Medical School and my class was in the evening...when I had morning sickness (actually evening sickness).  The oil paints just aggravated my nausea and I gave up.  Ironic that after all that I have done in my life, that I am back to beginnings in oil, starting over.  But this time, I'm not planning to fail:)  I'm accepting this as what it is...a one sitting painting, a first in a long time...and one that has lots of room for improvement.  I have to start somewhere.

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