Studio painting on a cold November day.

Medina Farmland
Studio painting 2013
Oil on Canvas

I love this farm.  This is a photo I took this summer.  I'd rather paint en plein air, but....it's been FREEZING here so my cozy studio won out.  I did this one on my own, trying to hear Larry Churski as I problem solved.  Oils are still very new to me...they are messy and clean up is time consuming...and I can't stay away from them!!!


Lessons with Larry November 2013

Late BloomerJoanne's Farm...Hinckly OH
So today I took my life in my hands as I boarded a four wheeler with wonderful Joanne (in her mid 80's!!!) and toured her beautiful farm that backs up against Hinckley Ledges.  I can't even describe the view of beautiful fall colors at the top of her hills.  Nor can I believe that she can drive like that at her age.  I hope to be as active and engaging at that age.  
I wanted to paint the white barn on her property, but something told me to take on the pond as it is the most difficult type of landscape for me and I am here to learn.  So...another day the barn. 
Larry is very patient with my slow starts.  I have so much to learn of this medium!


Virgil and beginning oils

pencil and charcoal on smooth vellum
Akron Society of Artists Model session

Harvest in Medina County
Oil on canvas
Lesson with Lawrence Churski

In my search for a local mentor/teacher, I've started lessons with Lawrence Churski.
He works in Oil and Watercolor...so I am learning oils, something I have always wanted to do!  Larry is funny, kind and an amazing artist.  If you want to see his beautiful work you can go to 
 Lawrence Churski Fine Art.  
Berlin Farm 
Amish Country, Berlin Ohio
Oil on Canvas
Palette knife and brush

This one I did in my studio from a photo taken a few weeks ago.  I was having problems...so I shot a picture of it to Larry and asked for suggestions.  He sent a laundry list of things to fix and as I did each one, I was amazed at how much more I liked it.  Learning my art ABC's all over again with a great teacher and a tricky medium.