Judith Carducci Workshop May 2013

Judith Carducci Workshop
The Art Studio
Beachwood, Oh
April 2013

Judith Carducci...I've never seen anyone love the process of creating like Judy does.
She is a delightful person.
1st workshop in 8 years.  Trying not to shake!
Judy spent her lunch breaks with us answering personal questions and telling some great stories.  
Thank you Judy.

My rendition of Kathryn
We had three days of morning demonstrations from Judy and three afternoons of painting from life.  We had wonderful models.  Thank you to Amelia and Kathryn.  Thank you to Susie Porges and her husband, gracious hosts and owners of the Art Studio.


  1. Love your beautiful new blog! It's a pleasure watching you "come back" to pastels and drawing.....and will be fun to see your progress documented here!

    1. Thanks Susie! I'm so glad I found you. I hope to spend many hours in your studio gaining more confidence and skill with your help.


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