Back to my Richard Schmid Color charts after a sweet visit to Alabama

I spent the better part of last week with grand daughter little Annie who just had her tonsils out.  You know she's hurting when you have to beg her to take a few licks of an ice cream cone!  
Here she is a few days later...still pale and not eating much enjoying a bit of Alabama sunshine.  Yes....it's snowing today again in Cleveland.
Cadmium Lemon Chart
I really can't believe how much I am learning about color doing these charts.  I hope it will show in my work as I keep learning and growing in oils.  As hard as it is to dive into a new medium, I feel really great about the fact that I am no longer afraid of them and I'm fulfilling a life long dream of finally learning how to use them.

Cadmium Yellow Pale Chart
Three done...9 more to go:)


  1. Your passion shows in all of your work - just beautiful, and such wonderful subject matter!

  2. Alice, Just love your work. Especially the portraits of your grandchildren. Amazing.

  3. Thank you Kelly. I do love painting the grand kids!


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