30 paintings in 30 days...

September is going to be a BUSY month!
 I've signed up for Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. These will be small, quick studies in pastel.  I know it will be a crazy challenge...but just think...30 starts, (beginnings of paintings....sometimes the most difficult part) in 30 days.  Since I started my journey back to pastel in May, I've only done half that much, so I think it will be good for me.  I'm going to paint my gardens, and landscape...the first week.  Then in the second week I will venture into some still life with ordinary objects around the house.  The third week I will be at a week long workshop in NY with Susan Ogilvie! I can't wait, but that week I will just post what I am working on every day...thumbnails and value studies for plein air and studio paintings and hopefully a few finished works.. For the last week, I will paint quick gestures or portraits...very simply.  I make no promise to finish exactly 30 paintings...with my work schedule and life in general...but I'm going to try to do 30 starts.  You can visit here everyday to see what I'm up to. The cone flowers above will be my first painting....our gardens have been lovely this year.



Foot bridge at Chagrin Reservation

I went back to this plein air painting at Chagrin Reservation.  I took out the post on the right and worked on the shadows under the bridge a bit. The photo is more accurate in color.
Pastel on wallis board with golden under-wash of pastel.


Judy Carducci workshop day 2

My plein air painting today at Judy Carducci's workshop.  It was cold and cloudy...I was painting in a creek bed with wet feet, splashing kids, wandering dogs and interested bystanders...and great artist friends...all in all a great plein air day!
Chagrin Reservation
Pastel on Wallis board with a golden under-wash of pastel.
Judy Carducci
To watch her paint....mesmerizing!

Everyone trying to fit in the creek bed to watch closely!

Susie Porges and Judy Carducci!
This is the second painting I did plein air yesterday.  Yes...another red barn.  Can't help myself!
Hale Farm and Village
Bath, OH
Soft Pastel on Wallis board with an under-wash of complimentary pastel.


Plein Air at Hale Farm and Village

My First real plein air painting...done on site except for 5 min. in the studio to fix the two things Judy Carducci said needed fixing!!!!   Wonderful day!!!!! Love working with her after I get over the initial jitters of being in the presence of a master!  
Hale Farm and Village, Bath, OH.

Judy Carducci.  Always a smile when she is painting! A great teacher...Love to just sit and watch her demonstrate and listen to all of her stories and tips.

A finished Carducci!

Great friends!  Always fun to meet new artists and to see their many talents!

Susie Porges.  She puts on great workshops and is a great teacher and artist also.  Her positive attitude and encouragement has been a great blessing to me on my journey back to pastel!


Benjamin 8 years later

 My first formal portrait from life after being away from my pastels for five years. Ben graciously sat for me this week, 8 years after I first painted him at age 8.  I bribed him to sit for me by allowing his PS3 into the art studio.  All was well until he put in an airplane game and started swaying his head all around.  That game didn't last very long!  It still needs work but it was nice to get a good likeness of his handsome face at this point. 



A fun collage using Photo Editor | iPiccy: Free Online Photo Editing for You.  

Playing with water color

This is my first attempt at watercolor.  When I studied with Nicora Gangi, a master pastelist in still life, she introduced me to pastel by having me copy the masters.  Those lessons with Nicora opened my heart to my favorite French Impressionists and the medium of pastel. So with no watercolor training, and a beautiful box of Schminke Pan Water colors and a Moleskin water color journal, I decided to copy Winslow Homer's Gloucester Harbor watercolor (1873).