Leona Jane's lace

Leona Jane's LaceOil on Canvas

Leona Jane is my Great Grandmother.  She lived on a farm in Farmington Utah.  My mother always referred to her as "Great Grandma Wilcox on the Farm."  On our rare visits from Iowa, we would find her in the very same day that we left her...with her home made spearmint tea, small loaves of brown bread and her old wood stove.  My brothers and I got to climb her big cherry trees in efforts to pick the fruit so that she could can it, but I think we ate more than we picked.  My mother loved being with her Grandmother.  It was "Great Grandma Wilcox on the Farm," that taught my mother about busy hands, soft hearts and hard work.  She taught her to quilt and to crochet beautiful lace.  The painting above is of my mother's crochet hooks and Great Grandma's lace.  I keep pictures of my Mother and Great Grandmother next to my sewing machine and I feel a connection that is beyond words when I am quilting in their shadows.  I'm not much for making lace, but hope that when they are making lace together again one day...that they'll let me set up my easel and paint them instead.
Alice Leona Jones Hauser
Leona Jane Hatch Wilcox on her wedding day with Joseph Edward Wilcox

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